Petition for Speed Limit on Kelly Canyon

The following is a link to a petition to establish a speed limit on Kelly Canyon. It turns out that the speed limit on an unposted road defaults to 70 mph, which is obviously not compatible with the road’s design and recreational traffic mix.


This petition would go to the County Commission; if they approve (which is apparently likely), they’d direct an engineer to assess the road and establish a limit.

If you agree, please sign!

The county’s speed limit procedures are documented here.

2016 General Meeting

We had a great General Meeting, with over 40 members in attendance. Presentation slides are here:

BCPOA general mtg 2016

Bridger Canyon Zoning Updates Excerpts General Meeting 2016

I’d like to thank our board for another year of service (many years, in some cases). It’s great to work with smart, nice people who love Bridger Canyon: Sharon Erickson, Deb Stratford, Mitch Miller, Chuck Broughton, Fred Leopold, John Sackett, Richard Lyon, Drew Seessel, Gary Sager, Kent Madin, Phil Cory, and Kelly Wiseman. A hearty welcome to Mike Smith, who’s joining us.

Caretaker’s Residence CUP

The May 12th Planning & Zoning Commission considered a Conditional Use Permit for a Caretaker’s Residence. BCPOA opposed the application. Our central argument was that, regardless of the merits of caretaker’s residences, the zoning regulation defines them as dwelling units, and the general plan requires 1-in-40 density for dwelling units. Therefore a caretaker’s residence requires density, and cannot be granted on a small parcel. (Read the testimony below for a more comprehensive picture.)

The commission rejected this and the rest of our arguments, relying on precedent, because caretaker’s residences have been approved on other parcels without regard for density (often over BCPOA’s objections), and the merits of caretaker’s residences for convenience and security, as perceived in Big Sky. Precedent cannot have been the primary issue, because the commission declined to include a condition prohibiting separate sale and rental, which has been applied consistently in the past.

The commission has not yet issued a written decision.

BCPOA written testimony: BCPOA Ivey CUP
Staff report: WV_IveyCUP
Supporting document: Ivey_CUP_Additional_Info